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Corporate Leasing

Company vehicles are depreciating assets. Leasing allows you to budget for a fixed monthly cost covering daily road use, road tax, servicing, maintenance and breakdown. In other words, it improves cash flow, removes the hassle of running company vehicles and keeps your money working for your business.

Our skill lies in helping you make informed and cost-effective vehicle acquirement decisions based on whole-of-life cost figures. This means we look beyond criteria such as purchase price or front-end lease rental costs, and we assess the whole life costs of a vehicle against a range of variables, including contract length, lifetime mileage and expected future fuel prices. Our aim is to help you to maximise your financial, environmental and tax efficiency and run a low-cost, low-CO2, low-tax fleet.


Personal Leasing

As increasing numbers of people are coming to see, personal car leasing is a great way to remove the headache of owning your own vehicle. You don’t need a hefty down payment or a bank loan, and the vehicle’s depreciation is covered by your monthly lease payments. In fact, leasing allows you to drive a new car for a lot less than you would pay if you bought the vehicle outright. As the American oil tycoon J. Paul Getty once said, “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it”.

A Personal Car Leasing arrangement with Contraflex is designed to give you peace of mind, with no unpredictable costs. We can also include all servicing and maintenance. So why not talk to us today. You could be driving the car of your dreams!

Fleet Consultancy

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be time consuming and expensive. Yet by working with Contraflex, you can explore every cost saving opportunity - such as better fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions - and transform the way your fleet operates. The results will enhance the quality of your service, reduce your fleet costs, improve operational efficiency and help you to meet your core business objectives.

Our key action areas for fleet consultancy include:

  • Funding your fleet, including financial and tax analysis
  • Identifying the best supplier for your business
  • Examination of whole of life vehicle costs
  • Development of best practice fleet policies
  • Green fleet/meeting environmental responsibilities
  • Optimising fleet management responsibilities
  • Maximising the tax efficiency of your fleet

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